Hi, my name is Jan and my destiny is to improve things.

Making design a success

There is more than delightful design, if you want an User Experience.

I’m an UX designer who wants to change the perspective of the user even if the interaction is over.


How i approach design challenges

Persona's | UX Design | Interviews | Research | Wireframe | Interaction Design | Visual Design

De Sociale Verzekeringsbank

For this client we’ve had to create a new User Experience for their services. The goal was to make a prototype which is a website with mobile-first thoughts. The Website should deliver speed and a clear view for more than 1 millions users to have the service from SVB in a delightful way.

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Strategy Session | Research | Wireframe | Interaction Design | Visual Design

Bickery Food Group

Leading a session with stakeholders to identify the user. Apply personas to their product design. And focus on user goals, current behavior, and pain points. The role of mine in this story is to help the stakeholders to lead them to identify the user. Then I created the visualization of the first concept of the website. And present it to the stakeholders.

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Persona's | Customer Journey | Wireframe | Visual Design | A/B Testing

Mammoet Merchandise

We have an session with stakeholders of the company Mammoet Merchandise to identify persona’s and make an customer journey. After a while we test with Hotjar if the targets are made. With the following step to adjust some pain points and where I made assumptions we A/B tests those out.

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Brainstorm | Customer journey | Research | Visual Design | Brand Design

Female First

April Fools day. Some newspapers, magazines, and other published media report fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in small letters. We made up a story which was in the time of mobile first designing. The story was that we started maken people believe that we gonna make Female First websites. We spread this to news sites and they picked it up and spread this into the world for us.

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Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all. Good design must primarily serve people.

– Thomas J. Watson


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